To be absolutely honest, there is no adequate description for this type of artistic self-manifestation. Colorful, outrageous, androgynous, humorous and completely different are just a few fitting adjectives to her appearance, created in collaboration with personal designer Cybersissy, from the Netherlands, and longtime partner in Crime. With whom she developed her unusual way of amusing her fellow men.

Yesterday Cologne, today the entire world and tomorrow the infinite universe. BAYBJANE started taking her steps at the legendary Funky Chicken Club in Cologne and Cafe de Paris, Salvation, London. Quickly she advanced to become one of most popular national and international performance-artists around. Shows all over the globe at the hippest clubs and cameo appearances for Pattendorf`s "Where Are You", Eric D. Clark "Another Night, Another Disco", Beatsteaks "Cut Off The Top" and Austin Howard “Big Bubbles, No Troubles” videos.

2008 must be the decisive year for BAYBJAEN so far: Her first season on Ibiza, “to give this island the much needed wake-up call!” Good Morning Vietnam is what came to Sven Väth`s mind, after he bumped into this special creature and immediately booked her for “Cocoon” (leading Ibiza party 2008). Matinee, La Troya and the Space club soon followed the lead.

In 2009 she returned to all these clubs…and: BAYBJANE became Pacha`s first official worldwide mascot. Since then David and Cathy Guetta, Campino from the Toten Hosen and Fedde Le Grand have become avid fans and are beloved colleagues.

BAYBJANE is taking her dirty business to the place to be Berlin, anxious to produce some mind boggling tracks there and takes part in the Dreckqueen project of collegue Cybersissy and is simultaneously taking some serious ass singing lessons. Who would really be surprised, if this multi-talent would land a number one hit? Certainly not Baby herself! Probably at her own fashion-show.

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